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Common Types Of Walk-In Experiences


The most important point to keep in mind is that whatever form this experience takes it is always with the permission of those participating. The general consensus is that Walk-Ins are evolved enough to have energy or information to share with an awakening consciousness, therefore they can sometimes escape the birth and growing up process.

Something else to keep in mind. Many of us are not familiar to Earth and some of us are. Some of us bring the "new children" energy but in adult bodies. Some of us are conscious Walk-Ins and some have had to remember slowly. All of us here on Earth are from some place else and we are all multi dimensional beings.

The best advice anyone has ever said to someone just awakening, is not to get caught up in the drama and glamour of it all. We are all here on Earth to do something, doesn't matter how you came to be here.

It's the feeling of WE International that it is best if you determine for yourself whether you have had this experience. WE support you in knowing your own truth and not that of someone else.

If you feel or think you may have had this experience, go within and ask, if you can't do that, find someone who will guide you to find your own answer, it will be profound for you to find out for yourself if this is your truth and experience.

Soul Exchange and Soul Braids

The two most common forms of the Walk-In Experience are Soul Exchange and Soul Braids. There are many variations on either of these forms of soul exchange. Do not get caught up in labeling your experience, rather use this information as a guideline to understand part of your experience.

Soul Exchange is simply that. One soul changes places with another. Sometimes it is by soul contract meaning one soul wants to experience some type of issue on Earth or complete a project like writing a book and then agrees to Walk - Out and allow another to come and experience what they need. Remember, this is always by agreement between the souls.

Soul Braids can be any number of combinations. Sometimes two souls will work in pairs with one choosing the birth and growing years and the other the later adult years. Sometimes soul braid is a catch all phrase for an over soul merge meaning a higher aspect of the same soul will down load and become part of a life experience.

Other Experiences

There are times when a placer soul or marker soul is present to hold your space while you are ill or in training on the higher realms. When this occurs you may not have full memory of that time period.

On occasion WE have heard of people who feel they are part of a collective consciousness originating from other dimensions or realities. One person may be the primary inhabitant with others from their group stepping in to do a book, lecture or healing modality as needed.

There are stories of individuals who allowed a temporary soul exchange for the purpose of allowing a soul to have a single experience.

Life can and is complex. The Walk-In experience is very complex and you may experience any and all of the above. Many people have shared their experience with WE International. The stories are varied and rich with complexity. One more reason not to get caught up in the labels.

If you do not feel any of this is your experience, than WE invite you to go within and find your own answers that help you explain your life and soul's path.