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The Einstein Puzzle: On Becoming a Walk-In
by Bjorn Ortenheim (Sweden)

Bjorn Ortenheim was featured in Ruth Montgomery's best-selling book, Threshold to Tomorrow (Fawcett Crest, 1982). His editor, Patrick Reynolds contacted WE early in 1999 with the news that Bjorn had just completed his own book and had heard about WE through the Internet. This article will help bring us up-to-date on Bjorn.

If you plan to kill yourself, you do not expect the Creator to step in with a job offer -especially if you have no religious or spiritual beliefs in the first place. But that is what happened some 30 years ago, when I took a shotgun to a beach in Sweden and planned to end my life. Instead of death, thankfully I found the oppor-tunity for a renewed life after my Spirit traveled out to meet Light Beings working for the Creator.

I began a long journey to become a Walk-in, a name that was not known then and only gained currency years later, when Ruth Montgomery looked into the lives and spiritual changes experienced by some people after often traumatic experiences.

She coined the name to describe what appeared to be a rapid and complete exchange of souls -an ener-gized, advanced Spirit would take over the life opportunities offered by an exiting "host" Spirit, and begin work to teach and help the world.

Ruth's guides said that I am the Walk-in soul of Einstein which, in effect, is right -according to how I perceive the Walk-in transition.

Being a Walk-in has never been easy -we have hard work to do while trying to come to terms with the, I think, uncommon changes to our very being. I've always been an exuberant guy working with science and the media, but I clammed up about my strange meeting with the Light Beings in my mid-30s.

I was exhilarated but did not tell my young family. My depression was gone and I had a new purpose in life: to prove that clean technology is possible to heal our polluted world! But I could not openly share the ex-perience, the changes I felt, until nearly 15 years later, in Ruth's books, which also gave me the surprise about the Einstein connection.

It was interesting to learn others' views about the deep spiritual changes I had experienced, especially as I had tried to deny them for so long. The Light Beings said I would change to help the mission, but the transition did not happen overnight: they did not want to blow my fuses by linking so soon to the main elec-tricity of the cosmos! While I turned my mind to developing clean energy systems, the spiritual changes in me began gently, subtly -and have con-tinued ever since.

In the early days I had lucid dreams in which beings instructed me about technology, building upon my own electrical engineering knowledge. Suddenly, I "knew" the solutions to technical design questions, answers that were seemingly "inspired."

The dreams have gone, replaced by clearer, more powerful links to cosmic consciousnesses which continue to "inspire" me with almost instant answers to questions -but only if they benefit my mission. Lottery enquiries are ignored by Those Above!

I think of my Walk-in links as being a sort of Cosmic Internet: like a little computer, I am connected to some mega-powerful Cray main-frames. The new, strong spiritual links have bonded my soul to other, highly-advanced consciousnesses -including a close tie to the leading Light Being in the group I met, called Power of Light, or POL. And with this understanding, I know I am linked directly to the resting soul and knowledge of Einstein. So, while I am not the soul of Einstein, as such, that scientist's work is open to me through my "Cosmic Net," and his infor-mation has helped my research into the energies underlying creation -the Unified Magnetic Field -which, eventually, we will use and not pollute our world.

Bringing new technologies to the world is not easy but people are changing, opening up and recognizing the problems we face at the Mill-ennium. Like a ripple effect, networks of positive-minded people are con-necting to bring about change -before it is too late.

As well as introducing Walk-ins to the world, Ruth's books brought me in touch with many people interested in my work and experience, and one contact took me to open a major power industry conference in Victoria, Australia -even though my leg was in plaster! But although I was profiled in Ruth's books, I try to keep those public "lives" apart although, for me, they are inseparable.

But, like the Berlin Wall, that division should fall soon, once the thrilling story of my Walk-in ex-perience and mission is published. That project itself also shows how the ripple-effect works. The out-of-date contact addresses in Ruth's books did not stop a British science journalist, Patrick Reynolds, from tracking me down. He liked the technical ideas in my work, but had to know -was I for real? Instead of just reading and forgetting, he decided to act. The time was right and he found me in Stockholm, my home city. That contact and his endless questions he's a reporter! led us to work on the manuscript for my book, a tale that includes much directly channeled information from my guide, POL.

If Patrick had known back then about WE International then his hunt would have been easier. So I'm really happy that Liz and her colleagues are running with the ball to continue the exploration that Ruth began, especially by sharing personal experiences and understanding at this time of transition for the world. It is wonderful, positive work, and we can connect with each other while pushing our missions ahead. It is in the practical, everyday world that we can take action and make our difference. We must think spirit-ually but act physically, that is the challenge for souls born -or who have "walked-in!" -to this world.